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Fostering free speech for four decades

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Working for Somerville Through All Media

Somerville Media Center is a leading public access media center that enables our vibrant and diverse community to express its creativity, explain its ideas, share its cultures, and foster each individual’s right to freedom of speech. SMC supports and creates community-driven media through low-cost education, access to production resources, and distribution on cable television and the web.

Member hours: Tuesday-Saturday, noon-8 p.m. 

So much to see!

There’s a ton of great programming every day on your hyperlocal television station. We’re showcasing Somerville-made programming every day.

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Holiday Videos are back!

You You loved them when we were at the other end of Union Square. Now, during the Union Square Holiday Stroll, come by to 12 Tyler Street and make a

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Go ahead, borrow a camera

When you’ve obtained membership at the Somerville Media Center, one of the perks is you get to take out equipment to support your passion project. Among the favorites of Duncan

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Make your voice heard!

When you get into media production at SMC through our myriad classes and workshops for both adults and kids, you are able to express yourself and be heard throughout the community.