Boston Free Radio Station Update


Boston Free Radio is super excited to be hosting an upcoming show at ONCE Somerville on Wednesday, January 17th from 8-11pm. The show will be a gender- and genre-bending night of queer/femme punk and electronic featuring:
– sister
– DJ Lunamariposa (Calderon Nahoj
– Boston Free Radio DJ Leila Safavi
Tickets are only $7 in advance, and $10 at the door–get yours now before they’re gone!

Happy Holidays from Boston Free Radio!

It’s a busy and exciting time at the Boston Free Radio studio. We recently added a number of new shows, a few of which we’ll be highlighting below. We won a $500 grant from the Castus organization to better soundproof our studio. (More info on this new project coming soon!) We are planning upcoming workshops for January and February on editing with Adobe Audition, and podcasting 101. We made a new mixcloud where members can upload their latest shows, cool interviews, and more. And we even got a chance to visit the Boston Music Awards and interview a bunch of incredible local artists. Check out a sneak peek of our interviews with Ed Balloon and Tad McKitterick of Sidewalk Driver below!

Thursdays, 7-8pm live on

Hosted by Diane Wong, this one-hour program “welcomes guests in a talk show format to discuss what race means to them; or, how it feels to be a particular race, or what significant reading on race made an impression on them.  Guests will be invited irrespective of their relationship, awareness and education about race.  Maybe they have never thought about themselves as a racialized human, or maybe they think about race and its effects on them and their loved ones every single day of their lives.  The object of the show is simply to allow people to talk about race to raise their awareness and their voice.  We need to practice talking about race intentionally and out in the open…”
Check out Diane’s mixcloud page here!

Fridays, 7-8pm LIVE on

Host James Gianquinto takes you on a ride through an eclectic mix of nocturnal r&b and hip hop influenced music for the lovelorn listener. 

Upcoming Trainings

Intro to Audio Editing with Adobe Audition 

Thursday, January 18th 6:00-7:30pm $25 for current SMC members, $50 for non-members
Want to learn the basics of how to cut, fade, replace, and repair audio for videos, radio shows, or podcasts? Learn how to troubleshoot common issues including overmodulation and background noise, cut and edit together audio footage, create segues and crossfades, and more. Space is limited to 7 members. Preference given to current Boston Free Radio DJs, but we will try to accommodate everyone. 
Sign up now!

Podcasting 101 

Thursday, February 8th AND Thursday, February 22nd 7-8:30pm $50 for current members, $100 for non-members
Audio-based programming known as podcasting has exploded in recent years as a way of communicating stories. Learn how you can create podcasts in this introductory course.  Taught by BFR Station Manager and podcaster Heather McCormack, this class will review the difference between podcasting and broadcasting, explore different types of content and discuss how to curate an interesting podcast. Basic use of our podcasting recording set-up will be demonstrated. Students will be asked to record a podcast interview before the second class, which will then cover the use of Audacity (free downloadable software) and basic audio editing, including adding copyright-free music. The course will end with notes on regulation, distribution and syndication.
Check out Heather’s podcast, Make it Stop, here!