Video Archive Internship

SCATV has a collection of video programs going back to 1985 on ¾” cassettes, SVHS, miniDV, and DVD. The programs are a valuable record of the beginning of cable TV, Somerville history, video art, local and national politics, arts, and culture.
Job Title: Video Archive Intern
Supervised by: SCATV Executive Director
Hours per week: 10 hours/week minimum. Job grade level: Intern, Unpaid. College Credit
Job Description Summary: Intern will work with the Executive Director to migrate video programs to digital formats on hard drives, organize and update the program database, upload files to a Web archive site for universal access to the material. The collection consists of approximately 600 programs.
This project offers the intern a unique opportunity to create a complete video archive.
General Job Requirements: Working knowledge of video archiving techniques, digital video formats, and database management. Good organizational skills, and attention to detail.
Education and/or Experience: In college or graduate school, or post college.
Language Skills: English.
To apply, send a resume and cover letter to: Erica Jones,