The SMC Art Gallery

Featured Art Seen at SMC: Bohemian Arts Boston, Cambridge and Beyond

The mission of Bohemian Art’s Boston is to serve artist of all genre’s as a resource to collaborate, network, share information build and bond. The concept of B.A.B. came from a desire to redefine the role art plays in our society: to ground artisans, get back to grassroots of what art stands for and to revolutionize the way the Art Market functions, by bringing the artist to nurturing eye. B.A.B. opens doors of opportunity to community artist to enable them to reach resources, select and guide them, to have more control of the way their art is exposed to art collectors, gallery owners, prospective buyers and lovers of art. In this way B.A.B. brings the audience directly to the artist and in some instances the artist to the audiences to create a place where the average home can have access to some of the highest quality culturally rich art of today. Through networking presentations, exhibits, hosting Meet & Greet events, helps to reduce stress that accumulates during artistic creativity to develop a keen camaraderie. Our membership include all genres of painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media, music, spoken word, performers, fashion and design.
















Location and Gallery Hours

The SCATV Gallery is located at 90 Union Square, Somerville, MA. The SMC Art Gallery is open during SMC hours of operation:  Monday – Friday Noon to 10:00 PM & Saturday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM and closed Sunday and Holidays.

Want to Showcase your Artwork at SCATV?

Art at SMC is a community production featuring local Somerville artists. Somerville artists interested in appearing as guest on Art at SMC and exhibitor in the SMC Art Gallery should contact Erica Jones, Director of Membership & Outreach at SCATV at (617) 628 – 8826.