August Zippy Brief

Holy Smokes! Where has the summer gone? Somerville Media Center – home to SCATV Ch 3, Boston Free Radio and Somerville Neighborhood News, is wrapping up the last of its summer youth camps this week, saying our appreciative and heartfelt “goodbyes” to our summer interns, and we’re in the process of securing new interns for the fall semester. I don’t know about anyone else, but decades after graduating, I still operate on the “school calendar” where August/September is the start of the new year.

Part of kicking off the new year, included taking advantage of the tax holiday this past weekend to get my son some back-to-school shoes and some supplies from the Apple store–a typical response for the student set. But what about the rest of us? Even if no longer in a formal academic setting, the learning process should not (not ever!) stop. For the sake of one’s health and wellbeing you should always be learning…it helps maintain “plasticity” in the brain…keeping you sharp, open to new ideas and better poised to handle whatever may be thrown your way.
That being said, how about, in the spirit of back-to-school, consider adding to your tool-box of media production skills. Strictly a studio producer? How about learning remote production for some great roll-ins. Camera-centric? Why not learn some editing. Or maybe add Podcasting to your list of media-making activities? It’s a new (school) year. A time for renewal. A time to get back into the lifelong habit of learning. As your media center, we encourage you to take advantage of the training, equipment and facilities we offer to expand your media-making horizons. Why not sign up for a new workshop or take a refresher if “it has been a while.” We’re confident you will discover (or re-discover) the fun and enjoyment of making-media.