SMC Member Spotlight: Ballard

This time we put a Member Spotlight on Ballard in our latest Inside the SMC Studio, a monthly blog post highlighting our members and their incredible talent!

Ballard is a talented local DJ (who plays under the name, BLAIRE) in Boston and also hosts a weekly show on Boston Free Radio every Wednesday from 8:30-9:30pm. “They spin all types of electronic music, weaving soulfulness into machine-like beat structures.” Ballard is an incredible asset to the greater SMC community and we love having them here as a community member and volunteer – thanks for being a part of SMC family! Keep reading to learn more about Ballard!

1. Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Ballard and I am a Music/Art Event Organizer and DJ in Boston!2. What was the strangest job you’ve had?
Hmm maybe not a job persay but for one semester in college I started doing a lot of paid research studies to make extra money. I’ve had some weird nodes glued onto my head. There was also one study where I just had to concentrate on a blue square on a computer screen for like 30min straight while they recorded my eye movements, that one was real weird.3. Where is your favorite place to retreat for mental or physical health?
My headphones. I really find peace in retreating into music to help work through whatever emotions I am feeling!
4. Who were your early creative mentors or source for inspiration?
Octo Octa and Eris Drew. They are these two RAD trans-women DJs who are so good at their craft. I swear they are magicians because they create such beautiful energies and moods with their music.
5. How do you get past creative roadblocks?
Watch DJ sets by Octo Octa and Eris Drew 😉 I always feel refreshed after watching them mix music. They bring a level of joy and attention to their craft that is infectious.
6. How has being a member at Somerville Media Center helped you on your creative journey?
Being a member at the Somerville Media Center and having the opportunity to host a Boston Free Radio show has helped me discover a a love for djing and creating musical experiences. DJing was only ever a hobby before I joined SMC but now it has taken over my life in the best way! Having a BFR show has forced me, in a good way, to hone my craft and constantly search for new music. BFR have given me a platform to invite and to interview local artists and share their talent with the world!
7. What is your favorite music album?
Lately I’ve been feelin The Prodigy’s – More Music for the Jilted Generation. RIP Keith Flint.
8. If you could have entrance music, what would it be?
Here I Am by Marlena Shaw. This is one of my all time FAVORITE tunes. I routinely will start off a set with this one : )
9. What’s your favorite spot in Somerville to hangout or visit?
Oh I really like Bow Market. Im a bit biased because I DJ there sometimes on Fridays and Saturdays : ) But I love how it caters to everyone! Wine: yes please. Poutine: mhmmm. Personal pizza: say no more.
10. In 140 characters or less, how would you pitch your show or who you are?
Theydies & gentlethems, you are now in the dance room! We mix tasty tunes to create a space where all bodies & all dance moves are welcome.