Job Summary: Somerville Neighborhood News is a professional, bi­weekly half­hour TV news program produced at Somerville Community Access Television (SCATV). SCATV is a membership­based, non­profit organization operating a public access cable television channel and community media center.

Job Title: Broadcast Journalism Intern

Supervised by: SNN News Director

Hours per week:12 – 15 hrs/wk

Job grade level: Intern, Unpaid. College Credit

Job Description: Interns will work under the supervision of the News Director to produce stories for Somerville Neighborhood News a bi­weekly, half­hour news program that covers issues and events relating to Somerville.

Research, shoot, and edit news packages for the broadcast. Work alone as a “one­person­band” or as part of a team. Report on interesting people, places, and events. Write story for text version, which is widely distributed by local media. This internship is an excellent opportunity to produce in­depth news stories and build a broadcast and multimedia news portfolio. The news program is cablecast on Channel 3 in Somerville and webcast from

Principal Responsibilities:

  • Work with News Director to develop story ideas and production schedule
  • Research topics and create production plan
  • Operate SCATV cameras, audio and lighting equipment for electronic news
  • Write Script
  • Produce at least one news package per bimonthly show
  • Write text version of news stories based on video report.
  • Edit with Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Crew for live­to­tape anchor recording

General Job Requirements: Experience with video news production, or quick turnaround video field production, including camera, audio, lighting, and interviewing; experience editing with Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro. Well organized, self­motivated, and good writing skills.

Education and/or Experience: Video production and/or broadcast journalism experience; excellent writing skills; ability to work under deadline; self­ motivated.

Language Skills: English. Ability to speak Creole, Portuguese and/or Spanish a plus.

Physical Demands: Some lifting may be required.

To apply, send a resume and cover letter to: News Director, [email protected]