SMC’s Community Media Week: Schedule of Events

Somerville Media Center announces Community Media Week from October 20 – 27 with an Annual Fundraising Drive, LIVE Panel Discussions, Pop-Up Studios and a finale Comedy Benefit Show at The Comedy Studio.

Community Media Day is an annual celebration of voices that bring awareness to the importance of free speech and accessible media for all individuals to have their voices heard.
In 2017, the Somerville City Council passed a proclamation to designate October 20 officially as Community Media Day and is meant to ensure that the media landscape remains inclusive for all artists, across all forms of media.
Somerville Media Center is celebrating all aspects of community media locally with Community Media Week beginning on October 20 thru October 27. Community Media Week is a new fundraising endeavor where SMC television, radio and podcast producers will include  special messaging in their programs (some even doing special episodes) in an effort to raise awareness and encourage donating funds toward media education activities at Somerville Media Center.
Traditionally, SMC receives the majority of its funding from the city through  contributions from cable franchise fees. The past several years have reflected a decline in cable viewership — AND consequently SMC’s funding. In addition to the  cord cutting phenomenon, SMC (and all Public, Education and Government Media) funding is further threatened by a new FCC rule. This weeklong fundraising endeavor aims to increase the amount that we receive from donors made up of people who know the benefits of community media in Somerville.

Do you want to support independent and accessible media? Local journalism? Youth media? Digital Literacy education? Then please show your support today or consider making a donation during any of the below events!

Community Media Week Schedule of Events for the community to participate and support:
  • SMC Pop Up & Kick Off: Sunday, October 20 from 2-6pm at Monster Mashed Up 
    • Come to our pop-up community media & storytelling booth at the City of Somerville’s Monster Mashed Up event. This first event launches our Community Media Week series and we want you to share Why you love Somerville & Somerville Media Center! We will be screening some already recorded community testimonials and can add your video to the series too! Come enjoy our pop-up storytelling booth, challenge yourself to some Somerville trivia and win some SMC prizes.  
  • LIVE Lunchcasts: Monday, October 21- Friday October, 25 at 12:30pm at Somerville Public Library & SMC Studio
    • We are LIVE on SCATV Channel 3 from the Somerville Central Library on Monday, October 21 & LIVE from SMC’s Studio from Tuesday through Friday. During these LIVE Lunchcasts will be bringing on different special local guests to share their favorite Somerville stories. These will take place throughout the week and we want you to tune in to these special LIVE Lunchcasts either on SCATV or live-streamed online here
  • “The Importance of Community Media & Communities of Color” Panel Discussion: Tuesday, October, 22 from 8:00pm – 9:00pm at SMC Studio
    • SMC in partnership with The Somerville Line a panel on “The Importance of Community Media & Communities of Color.” The public is welcome to be part of the studio audience. Confirmed panelists are Yvette Wilks, Mario Archer, Eddy Touissant and J’don Booker with Dave Ortega as Panel Moderator.
  • “SCATV Throwbacks: The Wonderful World of Public Access TV”: Wednesday, October 23 from 6:30pm – 8:00pm at Armory Cafe (191 Highland Ave)
    • Come enjoy a stroll down memory lane with our special throwback SCATV screening, “SCATV Throwbacks: The Wonderful World of Public Access TV” hosted at the Armory Cafe. This short retrospective screening will be an engaging and curated experience to enjoy some of SCATV’s hidden gems from the past 35+ years.
  • SMC Open House & Community Media Week Art Showcase: Saturday, October 26 from 10:00am – 1:00pm at SMC Studio
    • Come on in and explore your local media center with a tour of our two TV studios, Boston Free Radio Station, Podcast Studio, Multimedia Editing Lab and more! We will also host our Community Media Week Art Showcase featuring artwork made by SMC staff, members and supporters! Artists include: Meagan O’Brien, Stuart Roelke, Karbia Yuan, Simru Sonmez-Erbil, Yvette Wilks and Dave Ortega. Light refreshments provided.
  • Comedy Benefit Show: Sunday, October 27 from 4:00pm – 6:00pm: at Comedy Studio at Bow Market (Closing event, more info is below!)

The finale event will bring together Boston-area comedians for a Comedy Benefit Show at The Comedy Studio in Bow Market on Sunday, October 27 from 4:00pm – 6:00pm. This fundraiser is to help raise funds for our youth programs, digital literacy workshops and community journalism programs at SMC.
Get your tickets online here!

Check out our fantastic comedy lineup:

  • Rick Jenkins (The Comedy Studio Owner & Emcee for the show)
  • Emily Ruskowski
  • Katie McCarthy
  • Angela Sawyer
  • Will Smalley
  • Tina Cabral & Walter Ness
  • Carrie Ross
  • Pete Mohan
  • Mike Giordano
  • Allie Genereux
  • Chloé Cuhna
  • David Dobbins
  • Tyler Tuttle
  • Marie Connor
  • Nick Ortolani