December Member of the Month: Genevieve Bien-Aime

Here is the latest “Inside the SMC studio,” a monthly blog post highlighting our members and who they are! There is a set series of 10 questions they answer. This month, we hear from Genevieve Bien-Aime, one of the movers and shakers here at Somerville Media Center!

1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Genevieve and I’m a lifestyle & events blogger, a lifestyle writer for Bèl, a digital magazine for everyday women of color as well as one of the co hosts for BFR Show, Boston Come Through.

2. What was the strangest job you’ve had? Ohhh, I can’t say I’ve had a strange job. I’ve done your typical run of the mill jobs such as retail, childcare worker, sales person, etc.

3. Where is your favorite place to retreat for mental or physical health? My favorite place to retreat to is Nahant Beach in Nahant (duhhh lol). The beach is the ultimate reminder of peace and serenity, so I go there to clear my thoughts even in Winter (just make sure you bundle up)!
4. Who were your early creative mentors or source for inspiration? You know what’s sad, I never had any. I didn’t think of myself as creative until very recently. Looking back, I’ve always been creative, but the full scale of the meaning of “creativity” was lost on me. But if you asked me today, who I consider a source of inspiration, I would say Issa Rae. I love that she created her own lane and her journey is representative of what can happen if you think outside the box and put yourself out there.
5. How do you get past creative roadblocks? I play Gospel music! It always seems to do the trick whenever I’m feeling stuck. And as soon as it starts playing, I start flowing again!
6. How has SCATV/BFR been a positive influence in your creative career? SCATV & BFR have been instrumental in opening doors I never thought imaginable. It’s like this magical place that’s been here all along but I just now stumbled upon it. I would say first and foremost, the people here are so amazing and supportive. It’s truly all love. Secondly, by being a part of SCAT/BFR, I’ve been able to do things in my own right (i.e. start my own radio show) when I was previously turned down for another! I have a media career because of this place!

7. What is your favorite music album? Eve – Ruff Ryders First Lady

8. If you could have entrance music, what would it be? “She’s Your Queen to Be” from Coming to America! My favorite movie of all time!
9. What’s your favorite spot in Somerville to hangout or visit? Mi Casa (to sleep), Oliviera’s Steakhouse (to eat) and as of late, since I quit my job, Scatv (to hangout and work with Crystal, my co-host)!

10. In 140 characters or less, how would you pitch your show or who you are? I’m just regular schmegular girl who created a show about for black millennial life in Boston.