DSLR Filmmaking Certification

The Intro to DSLR Filmmaking class will cover the use of SMC’s Canon EOS 7D DSLR cameras and address the core principles of capturing video with a DSLR. Through hands-on demos – including how to create compelling video interviews – Adam Stone will guide you through the core techniques of DSLR filmmaking. You’ll learn how to apply the compositional skills of still photography to taking video. You’ll also learn about how to navigate the video-capturing features of your DSLR, choose the right gear for your filmmaking needs, and incorporate audio into your shoots. From framing shots to producing simple projects to spatial relationships, the skills you gain in this course will leave you ready and inspired to create high-quality, engaging film projects. This is a 2-hour session workshop.

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Instructor: Adam Stone
Members: $50/members, Non-members: $100