SMC Member Election: Welcome Melanie Morris

SMC Member Election: The SMC Board of Directors Welcomes Melanie Morris to the SMC Board!
The SMC Board of Directors has a certain number of spots on its board for member representatives as a way to ensure our membership is involved in the organizational growth of SMC. This leadership opportunity allows our members to “give back” to the community media movement and help shape the overall vision, financial health and oversight of SMC. With that said, the 2019 Member Elections founded Melanie Morris to be the voted member representative to the SMC Board of Directors. Keep reading to learn more about Melanie and why she is excited to join the board.
Melanie Morris: “Since 2015 I have hosted two shows at Somerville Media Center. I’ve done some compelling interviews that include the mayor, police chief, an illegal immigrant, cyclists who’ve ridden across the country, a local advocate for the Parkland shooting, a mayoral candidate, friends of a cyclist killed and many others. I fully understand the interview process and finding great stories.
I’ve been affiliated with ABC and CBS news outlets, as well as Neighborhood Network News.
I’d love to translate these skills into helping SMC advance to the next level. I’d bring more than 10 years of media experience to the Board of Directors. I’d look forward to recruiting new personalities who have useful voices, outreach to locals to see how we could better assist in the community, fundraising and shaping media content. I’d also love help make executives decisions to insure SMC meets its full potential.”