SMC 2020 Member Meeting & Election Results

SMC Member Election: The SMC Board of Directors Welcomes Yvette Wilks Back to the SMC Board!

The SMC Board of Directors and staff extends its appreciation to all the members who came out to the recent Member Election & Annual Meeting on February 29, 2020. It was an excellent gathering and opportunity for the SMC team to address multiple updates related to our future. One outcome from the meeting was the SMC Member Election. SMC has certain number of designated spots on its board of directors for member representatives as a way to ensure our membership is involved in the organizational growth of SMC. This leadership opportunity allows our members to “give back” to the community media movement and help shape the overall vision, financial health and oversight of SMC.

With that said, the 2020 Member Elections founded Yvette Wilks to be the voted member representative to the SMC Board of Directors. Keep reading to learn more about Yvette and why she is excited to join the board.

Congratulations to Yvette on her newly elected leadership position and a special acknowledgement to Rui Teixeira and Byron Morgan for submitting their nomination to be considered for the board as well.  

SMC’s 2020 Annual Meeting & Member Election

“As a returning board member, I will work to ensure our atmosphere continues to be welcoming and inclusive of individuals who prefer to either be in front or behind the camera. Our atmosphere will allow for creativity while we educate our community with our television, radio platforms while engaging with our community with our Somerville Neighborhood News platform. I will continue to support our youth programs and create ways to incorporate more seasoned members of our community.

As a producer, I have learned you must have content to create exciting shows. I have also learned that everyone who wishes to share a story, occasionally, would like a real life opportunity to practice before sharing their knowledge. It will be my challenge to utilize the many platforms at Somerville Media Center to bring our community into focus. This is my reason for wanting to return to the Somerville Media Center board.” – Yvette Wilks, Statement of Interest