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Available Internships


Somerville Media Center (SMC) is a membership-based, non-profit organization home to Somerville Community Access TV – channel 3, Boston Free Radio, and Somerville Neighborhood News. SMC exists to foster creativity, innovation and community expression through training, production resources, and global distribution. Below are some of our current internship types. We currently have: Boston Free Radio, Archive, Youth Media Education, Broadcast Journalism, and Media Production internships available. This requires ten hours/week minimum. They are unpaid and can be for college credit. Great hands-on experience. Please review the list of available internships below.


Media Production Internship

Assist in the production of short documentary-­style programs, public service announcements, studio productions, and event coverage for cablecast on SCATV Channel 3 and for online distribution. May also involve assisting with youth media classes. This internship is an excellent opportunity to improve video production skills and develop a resume reel of video projects.

Boston Free Radio Internship

Boston Free Radio is an independent, member-run radio station reaching out to the world through online streaming on the Internet and is a project of Somerville Media Center (SMC). BFR promotes freedom of speech and accepts programming of all types, in any language. Holding true to our commitment to freedom of speech, we give our radio DJs 100% control over their programs.

Video Archive Internship

SCATV has a collection of video programs going back to 1985 on ¾” cassettes, SVHS, miniDV, and DVD. The programs are a valuable record of the beginning of cable TV, Somerville history, video art, local and national politics, arts, and culture.

Youth Media Education Internship

Assist in creating lesson plans and teaching middle and high school students basic video production techniques. A variety of production styles will be covered including animation, documentary and narrative. Creativity and familiarity with the video production process is essential.

Broadcast Journalism Internship

Somerville Neighborhood News is a professional, bi­weekly half­hour TV news program produced at Somerville Community Access Television (SCATV). SCATV is a membership­based, non­profit organization operating a public access cable television channel and community media center.