Zippy Brief – June 2018

Thanks for Speaking Up! Somerville

Sunday, June 10, was Somerville Media Center’s inaugural SMC Speak Up! Somerville Telethon. It was a 10am to 10pm live broadcast extravaganza on SCATV Channel 3, and facebook live. All-in-all it proved to be hit. And that kind of success comes only from the entire community pulling together to make it happen. Whether this was the tireless work of SMC staff, interns, and members (including the SMC board), organizing and producing the event, or members of the greater Somerville community volunteering their talents as performers, to supporters of community media contributing financially and/or voicing their support of Massachusetts’ oldest access center, this was a true community enterprise.
From the standpoint of content, the Speak Up! Somerville Telethon was a sampler plate of the kind of programming both visual and aural that SMC provides week-in and week-out to its viewers and listeners. Better yet, much of this kind of content is grouped into programming blocks from which you can move beyond a cursory taste and onto the heartiness of full serving of the kind of content that resonates with you.

From the standpoint of friend-raising, it was exciting to see familiar and unfamiliar faces showing their support. From trivia questions posed by Somerville Aldermen, to 3 Mayors recording pro-community media videos, to many of SMC’s community partners answering various calls for help both on and off screen, it was gratifying to see how many friends SMC has in this community.
Finally, there is the fundraising component. A big thank you to all who took the time and effort to contribute financially. Additionally, there still an opportunity to chip in by visiting The advent of the SMC Speak Up Somerville! Telethon marks a turn in how this organization is responding to the changing realities of funding. We need to diversify our sources of revenue, and for a 501c3 non-profit, participating in fund-raising events and activities is a natural outgrowth. We certainly don’t want to annoy or offend folks, but if that is what takes to help keep doors open, that’s still a lot less inconvenient or annoying than losing access to this kind of community resource. That said, please bear with us show us your support.