Somerville Live Wire Episode 4: Safer Streets and “The Corridor of Death”


Episode 4 discusses the Somerville “Corridor of Death”—McGrath Highway between Broadway and Route 38/Mystic Ave.—and how community advocates are fighting to make it safer for pedestrians and bikers.

Guests: Wig Zamore of Somerville Transportation Equity Partnership and Community Assessment of Freeway Exposures and Health and Arah Schuur of Somerville Bicycle Safety. Host: Mary Ellen Myhr of the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism. Recorded on May 28, 2021.

Somerville Live Wire is a bi-weekly public affairs show featuring discussion and debate on important issues of the day in Somerville, MA. It is jointly produced by the Somerville Media Center and the Somerville News Garden project of the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism.