Somerville Live Wire: Episode 5 — Renter Eviction Moratorium in Somerville: Success or Failure?

Episode 5 discusses the eviction moratorium put in place to protect renters at risk of losing their homes due to job loss or a health crisis during the coronavirus pandemic. Was it a successful policy for both tenants and landlords? Or did it fail one or both of those groups?

Guests: Ellen Shachter of the city of Somerville Office of Housing Stability and Steve Bremis of the Somerville Property Owners Coalition.

Host: Mary Ellen Myhr of the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism. Recorded on May 28, 2021.

Somerville Live Wire is a bi-weekly public affairs show featuring discussion and debate on important issues of the day in Somerville, MA, USA. It is jointly produced by the Somerville Media Center and the Somerville News Garden project of the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism.