Keep Making Media at Home

We hope that you are doing as well as can be expected in these challenging times.
While Somerville Media Center has been closed to the public to prevent further spread of the COVID-19 virus, we are far from inactive. The SMC team has been working hard over the past few weeks developing remote solutions so that producers can continue to produce media remotely. SCATV continues to cablecast on Channel 3 and to livestream on and on Roku. Boston Free Radio continues to broadcast worldwide and our in-house and partner produced podcasts continue to play and be featured on our website. Our in-house and member produced programs continue to play and be featured on our website. And we want YOU, our current producers, to have access to the tools and guidance you need to be able to continue sending us content, should you desire to. Be sure to utilize our new Free Tutorial section which will be updated on a regular basis. Before going into detail about how we plan to assist you, if you haven’t done so already please take 5 minutes to complete this brief Google Form.

Please also refer to this guide which reminds you how to submit your most recent pre-recorded video content to Dave and audio content to Heather. 

How to produce video content at home:

    For members looking to continue their talk/interview shows, this free browser-based interface offers a super simple and (mostly) elegant solution for recording 1-4 guests at once. The free version does include at ugly watermark, but it’s not giant so you can easily crop it or cover it with your own logo. This works best being set up on desktop, but your guests can join from their phones right from Safari on iOS or Chrome on Android without having to download any apps themselves. Click here for a full tutorial made by our colleagues at PhillyCAM.
    Considered by some to be the gold standard for shooting mobile video on iOS or Android. It’s not free, but at $15 it has enough features to justify its cost. But you can also shoot great video right from your phone’s default app. For more info on how to also do all your editing on your mobile device, check out this video for iOS or this video for Android. If you need to edit on desktop for free, check out iMovie on Mac and Windows Photo on PC.
    This 15 minute tutorial video, produced by Heather, goes into detail about how to use Audacity, a free program available for Mac and PC, to pre-record audio at home. This can be useful for solo podcasts, or for live radio shows that want to pre-record audio ‘breaks’ between songs. Note there is a slight delay at the beginning of the video, the content begins at 0:36.
    Anchor, a free podcasting platform and app, has created a very cool new feature with their smartphone app that allows you to record a podcast with up to 4 people remotely. You must host the call from the smartphone app though guests can join via laptop, tablet, or phone. Learn more here.

Additional Resources:

  • HIT FILM EXPRESS It’s a free download with a ton of good features and a minimal learning curve. When you first go to download it will suggest a price of $19, but you can just slide the slider down to $0 and proceed.
  • DAVINCI RESOLVE This is a pro-level industry standard editing/color grading suite and it’s FREE. It does have a learning curve, but there are lots of good tutorials on YouTube about it.

If you are a current live Boston Free Radio Producer, there is now a way to remotely access the Studio PC/RadioBOSS and assemble a new playlist for live broadcast during your scheduled time slot. If you’re interested in doing this, please make sure to fill out the Google Form shared above, and we will contact you directly to set you up with remote access and go over the process with you.

We understand that these are difficult times. For some of you, that might mean that you have many other things taking priority over media production, which makes total sense. For others, continuing to pursue creative projects might be a helpful distraction. Either way, we want to be a resource to you as we navigate this new media landscape. Let’s stay connected.