Organizational Membership

Organizational Membership Benefits

  • Designated Associate Members will have individual membership privileges
  • Use of our Conference Room (reservations required) and one of the following per membership year:
  • One consultation about your project with SMC production staff
  • One free Media Enrichment Workshop (non-Certification workshop)
  • Produce one 2-minute PSA
  • Organize one 30-minute studio production
  • Live stream of special event up to 2 hours
  • Specialized media training for your staff and volunteers up to 2 hours
  • Discounted Production Services to document and stream live video from special events, produce and edit short videos for online social media, create in-studio community forums, etc.

Organizational Annual Membership Rates

Any organization may join SMC, including a business, the Somerville chapter of any state or national organization, and the campaign of any political candidate. Organizational Membership includes membership privileges for two declared Associate Members of the organization (the primary and secondary contacts for the group).

Associate Members must be declared at the time of membership and can only be changed upon each annual Organizational Membership renewal. Associate Memberships are non-transferable. Additional individuals from the organization may join by paying an additional individual membership fee. The organization may pay for additional individual membership fee in lieu of the individual paying the fee.

Designated Associate Members of the organization are entitled to enroll in video production classes, become certified to enjoy free use of the production facilities, make programs for their organization (to be cablecast on Somerville’s own Channel 3 and webcast via SMC’s server), receive SMC’s electronic newsletter, receive technical assistance for program creation and promotion, exercise voting privileges at annual meetings, and run for election as a Member Representative on the SMC Board of Directors. Programs may not be used for commercial purposes.

Operating Budget up to $250,000:


Operating Budget of $250,001 – $999,999:


Operating Budget of $1 million – $5 million

Operating Budget of $5 million and over:



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