Member of the Month: Mike Piso

Here is the latest “Inside the SMC studio,” a monthly blog post highlighting our members and who they are! There is a set series of 10 questions they answer. This month, we hear from Mike Piso: a photographer and filmmaker who has lived in Somerville for the past seven years and member of the AgX Film Collective. Learn more about Mike in his interview!

1. Who are you and what do you do? I’m photographer and Filmmaker who has lived in Somerville for the past seven years. I am currently a member of SMC and used to host a program on SCATV with Outside the Lines Studio. I am part of the AgX Film Collective which promotes analogue film making (though not exclusively). I just finished an introduction to Super 8 film making workshop this past month at SMC.
2. What was the strangest job you’ve had? All of them have been strange in some way or another. We really shouldn’t need to have jobs.
3. Where is your favorite place to retreat for mental or physical health? My house? Used bookstores for mental health. I occasionally visit a local university track and playing field for exercise – I find this a better atmosphere than my gym.
4. Who were your early creative mentors or source for inspiration? David Lynch, George Kuchar, Maya Deren, Sadie Benning, Jen Reeves.
5. How do you get past creative roadblocks?
I start a new project if I’m blocked, then get a new block and return to an earlier project, this sometimes helps. Best thing is usually to commit to a deadline.
6. How has SCATV/BFR been a positive influence in your creative career?
I took a green screen class with Gordon Nelson many years ago and it was a big help making me more comfortable with nonlinear editing – not just green screen which I sometimes use but not much.
7. What is your favorite music album? Either John Coltrane’s Live at Birdland or Joan of Arc by Tony Conrad – probably the later.
8. If you could have entrance music, what would it be? I have no idea
9. What’s your favorite spot in Somerville to hangout or visit? I mostly hang out at my house. I like going to Market Basket too.
10. In 140 characters or less, how would you pitch your show or who you are? In less than 140 characters I’d say visit or AgX Film Collective or Mike Piso

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