New SCATV Shows to Checkout in January!

SMC brings you high-quality, engaging & locally made content on SCATV Ch.3!

Clarity Coaching for Entrepreneurs by Carven Boursiquot (28m)

Mondays in January at 6:30 pm and Wednesdays in January at 1:00 pm
Insights and strategies to help you conquer your professional and personal goals.

Boston Free Radio Podcast Network (28m) New shows rotate weekly!
We love the new Boston Free Radio Podcast Studio and member-made podcasts and now you can listen to a sampling of these on SCATV as well!

BLoWW Show a Go-Go! (28m) New shows monthly!
Thursdays at 9pm and Saturdays at 7pm
Our eyebrows were raised when the Boston League of Wicked Wrestlers described their program as “a comedy talk show focusing on violence and absurdity”, but then we saw it, loved it and agreed with them. You should love it too!