Member of the Month: Nick Dormer

Here is the latest “Inside the SMC studio,” a monthly blog post highlighting our members and who they are! There is a set series of 10 questions they answer. This month, we hear from Nick Dormer: a Capricorn and creative sound enthusiast by interest, project manager by trade. Learn more about Nick in his interview!


1. Who are you? My name is Nick. I’m a Capricorn and creative sound enthusiast by interest, project manager by trade.

2. What was the strangest job you’ve had?
Security at a roller skating rink!

3. Where is your favorite place to retreat for mental or physical health? 
Any room with a comfortable chair, a turntable, a damn good record, and headphones!
4. Who were your early creative mentors or source for inspiration?
I had a crush on my violin teacher when I was a lad, like, 5 years old; little did I know it was the love of music that would last.
5. How do you get past creative roadblocks?
Drink some water, eat some food. While in creative mode I often forget to tend to my mental energy. It also helps me let it go for a bit.
6. How has SCATV/BFR been a positive influence in your creative career?
Solid, inclusive community! They give me a platform on which I can share my love of art.
7. What is your favorite music album?
That’s an impossible question, really. I have to give you three: Catherine Ribeiro + Aples ‘No 2’; Egisto Macchi ‘Voix’; and Igor Wakhévitch ‘Doctour Faust’
8. If you could have entrance music, what would it be?
Matthew Wilder “Break my Stride”
9. What’s your favorite spot in Somerville to hangout or visit?
The SMC studio, obvs. The Armory is also pretty happening; I get good vibes there.
10. In 140 characters or less, how would you pitch your show or who you are?
‪Local jeweler appraising musical gems of single-quality cuts ever Friday from 5-7.‬