Outdoor Movies: Food Justice Short Films

Somerville Media Center announces its 4th year of hosting “Cinema Somerville”, a pop-up outdoor movie at the Somerville Community Growing Center. For the month of July we kick it off with “Food Justice Themed Movies” 🎥 in partnership with the Real Food Media and Groundwork Somerville. There are many incredible films educating audiences about changes being made – or that need to be made – in the food system.
The event series is free and is open to anyone. Come by for a BYOPicnic at 7:30 and movies begin at 8:30 (dusk) and runs an hour. *Our movie lineup is subject to change.
July 5th
Everybody Eats
Mindful Vineyards
Farmed With Love
A Sustainable Catch
McEwen & Sons True Grits
Naturali Tea
Saving Sap
The Kelly Street Garden
Home Flavored
Beyond the Seal
July 12th
Our Work Is Life
Mama Adrienne
The Oyster Men
there is only coffee
At Needle Point
Growing Good Bugs
Soft Slaughter
Verrückt | The Snail Farmer of Vienna
July 19th
Hands in the Orchestra
Our Land: Solution to Pollution
The Berry Picker
Reaping the Whirlwind
The Gift
Green Bronx Machine
Harmony Gardens
Who Keeps the Beekeepers?
A Greene Generation
July 26th: Food & Sustainability Heroes
*a selection of Real Food Films and locally made films
Guy the Tomato Guy
The Nelson Family
14 Reasons to Shop at Harvest Co-op
(directed by Lesley students Bella Steele & Emily Imbrogna for The Science and Ethics of Food & Farming class, fall 2017)
Kristin Carbone
Sowing Stories with Local Growers: Lisa Brukilacchio
CrossFit Somerville & Urban Farming