Post-Gala Appreciation: Winners and Awards Video


It is with the most sincere gratitude that I’d like to thank everyone involved with Somerville Media Center’s Honors Gala event on March 8. It was SMC’s moment to shine and we felt truly embraced by the Somerville community we serve. And we were able to celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of greater Somerville’s community media producers.
None of this would have been possible however without our sponsors and donors. Thank you to all those who provided financial support for this effort. (If you didn’t have a chance to donate, no worries, you can always make a donation online here).
This event would not have worked without the extremely dedicated effort of SMC staff, members of the board, and SMC interns and volunteers. Recognition must go to them for putting on such a successful event.
Finally, thank you to all of our award recipients who embody the diversity, creativity and relevance of community media. On top of that, a special thank you to our two honorees, Eugene C. Brown and Michael E. Capuano, two figures who loom a large in SMC‘s founding and continued success for the more than 35 year history of Massachusetts’ oldest community media presence.
Brian A. Zipp

Honoree and Awardee List
SMC President’s Award
Jesse Moos

Eugene C. Brune Honor
Eugene C. Brune
2019 Public Service Honor
Michael E. Capuano
2019 Community Media Ambassador
Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism (BINJ) 
& DigBoston
Outstanding Community Partner
Teen Empowerment
& Women In Film & Video of New England
SMC Volunteer of the Year
Rui Teixeira
Youth Media Leader
Ramón Fireside-Rivera & Seamus Rudolph
Best Youth Created Production
Best Young Producer
Bob Emilia Graham
Lifetime Achievement Award
Dan Hurley and Jim Campano, The Somerville Pundits
Outstanding Media Producer
Yvette Wilks
Best Boston Free Radio On-Air DJ
Diane Wong & Pharoah Saunders
Best Field Production
Best Live SCATV Show Host
JoAnn Rivieccio
Best Multilingual Production
Bostonde Radio
Best New SCATV Show
The Somerville Labor Show
Best Live SCATV Show
Heavy Leather Topless Dance Party
Best Boston Free Radio Music Show
The Misery of Cities
Best Boston Free Radio Talk Show
Let’s Talk About Race
Best Arts and Culture SCATV Show
Best Boston Free Radio Podcast
We’re Trying Here, Society!
Best New Boston Free Radio Show
Future Perfect
Best Informational SCATV Show
Somerville Overcoming Addiction
Best News Production
Greater Somerville
P.S. To view the full SMC Honors Gala Album visit our Facebook Page!