Radiomancy Museum

Tuesday 5-7pm

Radiomancy [n] / 1. the act of subconsciously controlling the sounds you hear on the radio; 2. divining meaning and foretelling the future from randomly selected audio.

Dr. Phyllis Vigillante, ‘Pataphysician curates the Radiomancy Museum, where audio recordings of all natures are joyfully accepted* and displayed. We are interested in the sounds you can’t hear unless you’re there, from independent “local” music, to poetry and storytelling, to investigative reportage from all over the planet [and beyond]. This show ignores the rules of space and time! In the Radiomancy Museum, no matter where you are, you are here [and now]! Permanently changing exhibits include “Behave Yer Behavior,” an objective perspective on human behavior, “News of the World” by the infamously hilarious Cheevis H. Bottomly, and for your health and the universal HA-HA, “A Moment of Momentous Laughter”. Chill out and laugh with us, invoke the radio deities in ubiquitous simultaneity. Anything is possible here [discoveries guaranteed]. *Please! Send your recordings in mp3 format to [email protected]