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Creator Camp is a summertime workshop studio that focuses on giving young creators the communication skills to collaboratively create Stop-motion Animation, Short films, Podcasts, Comedy Skits, Songs, Live Shows, YouTube Channels and more! Every week will be full of surprises with unique themes and challenges each team will need to overcome together. Attendees work with creative team leaders to learn tricks of many trades, while building lasting relationships with other creators in their community!

A end of summertime workshop studio, for alumni of our programs or experienced individuals to collaborate on more advanced projects. The same overall structure of Creator Camp, covering more advanced production skills! 


Week 1: June 26-30 Creator Camp
Week 2: July 10-14 Creator Camp
Week 3: July 17-21 Creator Camp
Week 4: July 24-28 Creator Camp
Week 5: July 31 – Aug 4 Creator Camp
Aug (Creator Camp: Pro) 
Week 6: August 7-11 Creator Camp Pro
Week 7: August 14th-18th Creator Camp Pro
Week 8: 21 -25  Creator Camp Pro

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