ReverbNation Highlight of The Week: Shy Gawdly

Hello BFR Fam,

This Saturday we have local rap artist Shy Gawdly coming into the station to be a guest on “Whats The Wurd?” They will be talking his single, Life and what is to come of his career. This an exclusive interview you do not want to miss. Tune in Saturday 4:00PM-6:00PM.

About Shy Gawdly

Shy Gawdly is the name as some of you may not know. I basically came up with the name by reflecting on constant trouble’s I’ve encountered throughout my life. I am the bearer of all my own sins and the bearer of others because I end up paying for their mistakes just by trying to help out. Just as Jesus is died as the ultimate sacrifice for everyone’s sins.

Im relatively young, I just turned 20 last month and I’ve solely been making music since 2015. But music has consistently been a part of my life culturally.

People have told me that I am different and more developed than many other new artists. I genuinely think this is because of being influenced by Brooklyn from an adolescent age. I’m from Boston born and raised but my pops is from NY, originally Crown Heights then moved to Brownsville along with many members of my family. Growing up I was in and out of NY as adolescent boy to visit family or just because Pops felt like visiting. Brooklyn became a second home to me from visiting so much. If it wasn’t visiting every week, I would visit every school break. I never wanted to leave. It’s definitely a different vibe from Boston but To be honest some stuff is the same.

I’m looking to be one of the best in this music game. I love music and the creativity of all the artist and how far you can go with it if you expand your mind and think outside the box. 

Listen to hiss single

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