Membership at the Somerville Media Center means you get to check out equipment — for free — to produce the media you want to see in the world. In exchange, you provide us with programming. 

Check out a mic? Fantastic. We’ll look forward to your podcast. 

Taking a whole camera kit with lights, camera and microphones? Awesome. We’ll get ready to put your show on Channel 3.

For projects that do not end in programming for your community, rental rates apply.

Renting Eqipment
Test Equipment

How to test equipment

Somerville Media Center’s mission is to educate our members on media technology to prepare our members for the best media making experience possible. As part of our trainings we also address many of our internal policies on equipment usage and distribution. If you have prior Basic Field Production, Podcasting or DSLR experience, you may choose to demonstrate your proficiency by testing out. The cost to test out is the same as the cost of the class.

To find out more information and to schedule an “Equipment Test Out,” please contact us at or by phone at 617-628-8826.

How to check out equipment

If you are a member in good standing, trained and certified, you can email SMC Reservations at

Do you want to reserve equipment?

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