She Likes It Heavy

She Likes It Heavy

Tuesday 10PM-11PM

P-Raj Metal has returned to the west but she can’t stop the music!  Her love of metal was inspired by legendary bands Metallica and Neurosis. Her underground metal hour is a mix of old and new: sludge, doom, brutal, progressive, psychedelic, proto, and all things heavy.

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    1. Great to hear you are listening to metal on bostonfreeradio! That song is by Iced Out on a 2013 split with Razoreater! Razoreater is phenomenally dirty too, great riffs. Highly recommended.
      Your humble metal host – Prajmetal

  1. Again! Missed the whole name of the retro sounding band Beast-something you played and said made you nostalgic. Great retro sound, loved it.

  2. Cool, I just noticed your flyer image has the setlist website, didn’t notice that before. Thanks!

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