SMC Art Exhibit – “The Canary Warnings” by Rhonda Ratray

The Canary Warnings by Rhonda Ratray
Exhibition dates: August 13 – September 13
Opening reception: Friday, August 17: 8pm to 10pm

The Canary Warnings are a series of paintings inspired by the practice of keeping a canary in a coal mine as an early warning system for miners. When the bird dies the air will soon be too toxic for humans as well. The canary serves a kind of guardian, like a life force monitor. This series considers a myriad of possibilities about the ways in which one could be warned of tragedies or other dangerous situations.  It is my hope that the viewer will “read” and interpret the Canary much like reading tea leaves or deciphering a Rorschach test.

Facebook event page for Opening Reception

Location and Gallery Hours

The SMC Gallery is located at 90 Union Square, Somerville, MA. The SMC Gallery is open during SMC hours of operation:  Monday – Friday Noon to 10:00 PM & Saturday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Closed Sunday and Holidays.

Want to Showcase your Artwork?
Since 1987, the art gallery at Somerville Media Center has showcased the works of local artists that represent the vividness and diversity of the Somerville art scene. We are currently looking for local artists who are interested in exhibiting their 2-D work for 4-6 weeks. Our hanging system only allows for small to medium sized works and all work must be framed. Artists interested in exhibiting their work and appearing as guest on “Art Seen at SMC” should submit the following information to Dave Ortega, Programming Coordinator at dortega(at)somervillemedia(dot)org:

1. Name and full contact information including phone number and email address
2. Artist statement
3. 4 high-resolution images of examples of types of artwork that will be displayed
4. Expected number and size of pieces to be exhibited
5. Preferred month of exhibit and second choice of month

Upcoming Exibitions
Mid September – Mid October: Photographs from the “Dear Little Project”
Mid October – December: Tim Devin