Thank You! SMC Honors 2020 Wrap Up

On behalf of the SMC Staff and Board of Directors, Thank You! It is with the most sincere gratitude that we want to thank everyone involved with the SMC Honors 2020. In media, everyone abides by the mantra, “The Show Must Go On.” And with everything COVID has thrown at us, last night’s celebration of the creativity, dedication, and generosity of spirit of SMC’s members and supporters was a welcome reminder of the positive and successful activities that have been going on. And while this event was virtual, the viewing party with all of the shouts-out on chat, grins and waves from attendees’ thumbnails, and pre/post event “hanging out” was an energizing re-connect with the community media neighborhood.

It is only fitting that the SMC Honors were rescheduled to coincide with Community Media Week. And we thank all those who champion and support the community media movement with its commitment to free expression and providing access to, training in, and participation by all who want to. If you’d like to contribute financially, you can always make a donation online.

Of course this event would not have worked without the extremely dedicated effort of SMC staff, members of the board, and SMC interns and volunteers. Recognition must go to them for putting on such a successful event.

Finally, thank you to all of our award recipients who embody the diversity, creativity and relevance of community media. On top of that, a special thank you to our two honorees: Representative Denise Provost (27th Middlesex District) and Howard Horton, Esq., two figures whose contributions to SMC have cemented its role as a key community resource in the City of Somerville.

Thanks again to everyone for their support and forbearance (especially as individuals and organizations alike have had to navigate the spring….and summer….and now fall months of safe distancing, facemasks, and venue restrictions). We look forward to 2021 and a return to an in-person SMC Honors.

Brian A. Zipp, Executive Director

P.S. View the full SMC Honors program here!