SMC Membership Pricing to Increase in June 15

Membership pricing to increase in June. 
Beginning June 15, an individual annual membership to SMC will increase to $75 for Somerville residents, and $115 for non-Somerville residents. I know this is not fun news, but before before one goes off on the pricing, it is important to remind folks of the immense value they are receiving for their membership – access to equipment, facilities, software and support as well as the ability to share your voice live or pre-recorded across an array of media.
In fact, the new rates are still significantly cheaper than a subscription to Adobe Premiere or Audition — your SMC membership gets you access to the full Creative Suite.
Your gym membership, your spin sessions, your yoga class are an important and justified expense for physical health and wellness. Similarly, there should be no reason to balk at the expense for being able to flex your creativity and exercise creative expression.
For less than your Netflix or Youtube Red subscriptions, which merely allow you to consume media, your continued membership with Somerville Media Center empowers you to make media. And in the that making, I daresay one develops into a savvier, more discerning media consumer.
Finally, I want to remind you of the importance of local media – truly local media. In this landscape of media consolidation, your membership with SMC is an investment in independent media by, for and about the community you love. And for less than the price of single share of Disney stock, or a couple of shares of Sinclair Broadcasting or Fox, you are participating in the effort to maintain your community’s access to voice independent thought and free expression via electronic media.
Thank you for your continuing support of Somerville Media Center.
Brian Zipp