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SNN_blue-WebSomerville Neighborhood News (SNN) is a hyper-local news service created to inform and foster community.

In a media landscape that increasingly blurs the notion of “local” interest to extend beyond even state lines, SNN brings sharp focus to covering the people, issues and events in THIS diverse and vibrant community.

Somerville Neighborhood News is a community journalism news service of Somerville Media Center and its volunteers and staff. If you have any questions, local stories that you would like covered, or are interested in getting involved, email Peter Levine, SNN’s Executive Producer at [email protected]

Community Journalism Workshop

Community Journalism Workshop

Community Journalism Workshop Saturday, March 31 from 10am - 12:30pm $40 (non-SMC members) and $20 (for SMC members) Are you seeing stories in your community that aren't being told? Do want to help hold your local government more accountable? Do you need an excuse to...

SNN on the Street: Net Neutrality

SNN on the Street: Net Neutrality

With the recent announcement of a new Internet Access Task Force in Somerville, SNN asked the community what they know about net neutrality and its impact on their internet use. For folks interested in learning more this topic, please consider attending the free panel...

Neighborhood Council holds Community Benefits Agreement Summit

Neighborhood Council holds Community Benefits Agreement Summit

In an effort to increase community interest and participation, the Union Square Neighborhood Council held two Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) Summits. One of the main priorities of the Council is to negotiate a CBA with master developer US2 and the City of...

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Founded in late 2013, Somerville Neighborhood News (SNN) is a ground-breaking local television and online news service dedicated to public interest journalism.

In an era when local newspapers, radios and television stations are laying off journalists by the dozen, Somerville Media Center decided to staff up and get out into the streets and neighborhoods of the city. Thanks to the dedicated work of SCATV employees, volunteer reporters, anchors and studio staff, and the energetic contributions of journalism students from Somerville and the greater Boston area, SNN can dig into the crucial and serious issues facing the city – like the lack of affordable housing or the need for more local jobs – at the same time as it covers some of the community’s wonderful people, organizations and events.

SNN is guided by the same principles that have served as beacons for many who have sought to encourage and enrich democratic societies.

“An enlightened citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of a republic. Self-government is not possible unless the citizens are educated sufficiently to enable them to exercise oversight.” – Thomas Jefferson

SNN is proud to be one of the nations “new news rooms,” combining good old-fashioned gumshoe reporting and investigative journalism with the talented enthusiasm of journalism students, the “insider knowledge” provided by community reporters and the ability to reach readers, viewers and listeners via Channel 3 and the internet.

In the spirit of collaboration and in an effort to keep people informed SNN collaborates with other local media, including the Somerville Voice, Somerville Journal, the Somerville Times, the Somerville Patch and the Somerville Newsweekly.