Mid-April Updates from State Delegation, City Council plus an election interview, News Roundup and SOM ARTS

We speak with Julia Taliesin about COVID-19 trends and vaccination rates, a hit and run crash at the McGrath Highway and Broadway that has left an elderly resident with life-threatening injuries, ordinances around local plants and police use of tear gas and pepper spray and how the community has rallied for a mother and her son.

SMC Executive Director interviews Ben Downing, candidate for Massachusetts governor 2022.

SMC’s ED Kat Powers and President and Ward 1 Councilor Matt McLaughlin for our bi-monthly City Council Update

In celebration of Earth Day, the city has organized the city-wide Somerville Spring Cleanup on April 24. Iaritza Menjivar from the Somerville Arts Council provides details.

SMC’s Joe Lynch and Senator Pat Jehlen talk with Somerville Public School students about their educational experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.