Speak Your Mind: Broadway Bus Lanes

In the three years since the City of Somerville installed dedicated bus lanes on Broadway, they have gotten both cheers and jeers from residents, business owners, and commuters passing through the area. Local stakeholders from abutting neighborhoods are invited to a public forum to testify for up to two minutes each about whether they feel the bus lanes have been positive or negative for traffic, bus frequency, parking, accessibility, and the environment.

The forum will begin with short talks covering the various positions for and against the bus lanes already being discussed around town—followed by some back and forth between the speakers. We will then open up the floor for public debate from designated microphones to which the speakers will periodically respond, calling on any experts in attendance as the dialogue proceeds. Somerville Media Center Executive Director Kat Powers will moderate and will expect all attendees to keep their comments civil.

Speak Your Mind will take place Wednesday, Nov. 9, 6-8 p.m. at the Somerville Media Center main studio, 90 Union Square and is sponsored by Somerville Media CenterSomerville Media Fund, and Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism. The event will be recorded by SMC’s SCATV. Admission is free.

Photo credit: Closeup of a Broadway Bus Lane. Photo by Jason Pramas. Copyright 2022 Jason Pramas.

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