Brian Zipp

brian zipp

Special Projects

Zipp has been with Somerville Media Center since 2016. However, It’s been more that 16 years since Zipp first learned how to properly wind a microphone cable at a public access center in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He has been immersed in and a proponent of community media ever since. Whether it has been organizing video festivals, mentoring youth in media production, 
or working with orgaizations or organizers to share their stories, events, performances or points-of-view, Zipp has witnessed the power, creativity and relevance of having a media outlet for community use. Access is the electronic soapbox from which ANYONE can share their voice (in the language of their choice) with the community at-large.

Zipp’s role at SMC is to help all comers tell a compelling story. Originally with a background in print publishing (he has an AB in English Literature from Bowdoin College and attended the Rice University Publishing Program as well as picking up an MBA in Marketing along the way) Zipp views his involvement with community media and the various forms of electronic media (television, radio, web) as an ever-expanding array of content creation tools and means to reach and engage audiences. And SMC exists to help individuals and organizations navigate this constantly changing media landscape and use it for the benefit of the community.  Reach him at