Help us create a strategic plan for SMC

SMC is approaching a crossroads. We need to find new revenue sources, consider new lines of business, and move toward greater accessibility for all. For this, we need a strategic plan.

Somerville Community Access Television Inc., dba Somerville Media Center, was incorporated by City of Somerville staff 40 years ago in 1983 as the first cable access television center in Massachusetts. SMC was quickly embraced by the community and expanded well beyond its original TV station. It now supports an arts center with cable broadcasting, internet streaming, a radio station, video production, youth education and programming, adult classes, a public art gallery, and a drop-in lobby where all are welcomed.

We have recently obtained $65,932 in ARPA funding from the City of Somerville to finance the SMC Strategic Plan. This amount is based on an assumption of $60,000 for the consultant, $5,000 for focus group stipends, and $932 for miscellaneous supplies. While proposals may not exceed $65,932 in total, we will favorably consider proposals that allow us to retain funds for related planning and implementation purposes. All funds must be expended by June 30, 2024.

This is a request for proposals for a qualified consultant to draft a strategic plan with and for our nonprofit organization. We seek a comprehensive and innovative plan that will guide our mission, vision, goals, and objectives for the next five years.

Are you the person who can help? Respond to this request for proposals and bring any questions to our executive director, Kat Powers, at

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