Go ahead, borrow a camera

When you’ve obtained membership at the Somerville Media Center, one of the perks is you get to take out equipment to support your passion project. Among the favorites of Duncan Cowgill (pictured) are the lights and camearas used for still photography.

Membership for individuals comes at a low price for they year:

  • Somerville residents pay $85
  • Somerville seniors pay $50
  • Non-Somerville residents pay $115
  • Non-Somerville seniors pay $85
  • Membership is free with the Card-to-Culture program

If you’d like to sign up for membership, contact us at frontdesk@somervillemedia.org.

Among the benefits you get are:

  • You join a community of artists creating telvision, radio, podcasts and visual art right here in Somerville
  • You get the right to showcase your work on Somerville Community Television or Boston Free Radio
  • You get ability to come in and edit using Adobe suite products, or any editing program you wish.

Come check us out at our new temporary home at 12 Tyler Street. We have gear for you.

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