The November Zippy Brief

As we head into the Thanksgiving holidays, I wanted to express my gratitude for the superb staff, talented interns, engaged board and spirited membership that make up Somerville Media Center. Sure, the Firehouse building where “locals make media” is the location and activity associated with the organization. But at its core, this place is all about the people — the staff sharing their expertise, the producers sharing their unique voices, production crews gathering stories at the end of lenses and microphones aimed at a tremendous diversity of people willing to give voice to and share a part of themselves with the greater community. The media center here in Union Square is strong and vibrant and that reflects right back at the community it serves.
The media center here is also relevant.
There are questions that occasionally surface about the utility of community access media. The feedback I’ve received regarding SMC’s work during recently concluded elections for the Somerville mayoral, alderman and school board races are proof positive that a community media center responding to the coverage needs at the hyperlocal level absolutely fills a vital service to the community.
-Brian Zipp, Executive Director

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