Need video? We can help while you social distance

by Veronica Wells 

When it comes to marketing your business or organization, video is king.

Businesses using video as part of their marketing strategy increase leads by 83% annually. Informative and high quality videos on social media increase brand awareness.

Including a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80%.

For many of us, the idea of having a production team in your space when you are trying to social distance yourself during a pandemic is less than ideal.

Here are ways that you can take part in the video marketing trend while keeping you, your employees, and customers safe:

Talking head videos

Talking head videos where business and organizational leaders speak to the camera about a product or service provide your customer a sense of connection. 

We’ll help you script your speech for concise messaging and a shorter shooting and editing schedule.

Filming you as a talking head video allows for social distancing, as the videographer’s lens allows them to keep distance while still getting a tight shot. These types of shoots also do not require a large crew and can be done with just the photographer in the room. 

Use your cellphone footage

Give us your footage and photos on your cell and we’ll edit them into an effective and dynamic video. We’ll use text overlays, motion graphics, and voice overs to create engaging content. This keeps costs lower than if you were to do a full film production where you would need to consider the cost of filming and editing.

Need video but don’t already have taped messages? Zoom is a great alternative to shoot videos remotely with our team guiding you to achieve the best shot with the lights and background available in your home or office. 

Animated Videos

Animated videos have become a popular way to promote products and services. It stands out, and because it doesn’t require a film crew or on-camera talent to produce. Work in the scale of production you want to have.


Live streaming your event connects you to people who cannot be there and keeps your in-person attendance low. Simulcast your event to multiple social media platforms while you use your social media pages and gain more followers. 

For most of these options, keeping videos short and to the point has been proven to be more effective. According to Convenience and Convert, 68% of people will watch a full video if it’s a minute long or less.

We can help

Whatever method works best for your marketing needs, budget, or social distancing protocols, you can still get conversions provided by video marketing.

Somerville Media Center Production Services provides affordable video production to meet your marketing and event coverage needs. Submit a short request form and someone from our team will respond in less than 24 business hours. 

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