VOX POP Calendar of Events


Somerville Media Center is launching a temporary Pop Up Arts + Cultural Media Space called VOX POP at Assembly Row from May 9 until August 31 2019! The public is invited to attend the Grand Opening Event on Thursday May 9 at 6pm which includes an opening Comedy Night event.

What is VOX POP?

Somerville Media Center announces its debut of VOX POP on May 9th at 6pm at 431 Artisan Way, Assembly Row. VOX POP is a pop up community, media & arts space that is the result of a collaboration between Federal Investment Realty Trust (FRIT) the property developer and manager for Assembly Row and SMC the non-profit community media center based out of Union Square.

What can you expect to see or do there?

The goal is to come and find out for yourself! However, as a media center, there will certainly be live cable television productions as well as live podcasting events taking place. SMC will also host for the public some virtual reality demos, author talk series, media education classes, children storytime readings hosted by Somerville Public Library, live podcast & TV show recordings, artist panel discussions, classic movie night screenings and more.

Two Art Gallery Exhibits

“Boston Landmark Series” by Meagan O’Brien: The “Boston Landmark” series brings to life many of our favorites iconic landmarks in this vibrant drawing series by Meagan O’Brien.
“History of Community Media in Somerville: This is a Retrospective Journey into the Past & Present of Somerville Media Center & Public Access TV

Hours of Operation

Monday: 4-7pm
Wednesday: 5-8pm
Thursday: 6-9pm
Third Saturdays: 10am-1pm

Thank you to our collaborators at Federal Realty Investment Trust for making VOX POP happen.