Creator Club is a summertime studio that gives young creators the skills to create Animations, Films, Podcasts, Comedy Skits, Songs, Live Shows,  and more!

Every week will be full of surprises with unique themes and challenges each team will need to overcome together.

Attendees work with creative team leaders to learn tricks of many trades, while building lasting relationships with other creators in their community!




The program will take place from 10am- 3pm. We are accepting creators from 3rd Grade all the way up to 8th! Students will be paired with those close in age where applicable.

Of course, we can be flexible if you feel your child would make a great fit. Just contact Evan Tingle via the email below if this applies to you!



Please keep in mind that you may be placed on a wait list, if demand is high. If you have any questions, or would like to know more about any of our programs, please contact Evan Tingle at Thanks so much!





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