Youth Program classes are filling up!

We are actively signing up students for our Spring 2023 classes, but you’ll need to act to get your space!

Intended for creators looking to create their personal projects, with help from our Staff and other classmates! SIGN UP HERE

Makerspace Mondays, our most popular program, allows students to learn how to use and create media, as well as how to understand the media around us. Students in this program learn to work as collaborators helping others’ productions as well as gathering support to be the star of their own shows.

Makerspace Monday will end in a student-led broadcast on Channel 3, Massachusetts’ first cable access station.

Intended for creators looking to make everyone laugh! Learn tricks of producing sketch comedy, but also develop the skill to perform in front of a live audience! SIGN UP HERE

SNL is definitely a smaller group looking to gain skills in improv, in writing and acting. Taught by an improv professional, Somerville Night Live will end in a showcase of some of the most daring work produced over the semester.

Are you a teen? Come on by Thursdays after school to find out what it’s like to be a Video Villen. Livestream games and snack on food provided graciously by our community.

There is no fee for teens to join in Thursdays, no matter how much they eat or stream. Contact Evan Tingle at for details, or just drop by. We have a seat ready for you.

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