Zippy Brief: Celebrate, Spell-e-brate, and Support Community Media…

Celebrate, Spell-e-brate, and Support Community Media…
September is going on strong at YOUR Somerville Media Center.
On the celebration front, this past Monday, SMC was recognized among the recipients (we were voted Best Media) of the SCOUT’S HONORED 2018 as awarded by Scout Magazine and it’s readership. Thank you Somerville. I’ll also mention that Staff Member, Jason Corey, was also recognized for Best Photography (Did I mention he will be teaching a photography workshop at SMC?)
On September 18th you can support your favorite media center, grab some food and drink, and watch (or participate in) the antics of your friends, colleagues or fellow alumni asserting spelling dominance at The Independent for the Great Grown-Up Spelling Bee. Check out for more details (or at least to view SMC Board President, Jesse Moos in his bee costume). This should be a fun time and we would like to thank The Independent for hosting this fundraising event.
As for supporting community media, next month we intend to celebrate Community Media Day (October 20) and we are in the midst of planning how to celebrate and promote the importance of community-made media. Part of the import of community media is that it gives voice to members of the local community and provides exposure to the events and activities that make this community special. That being said, Mike Wassenaar of the Alliance for Community Media, in a recent letter, alerts community media makers of the need to be cognizant of actions going on beyond the local focus of our activities and mission fulfillment – especially when they have huge implications as to future viability of media centers (including this one) around the country. He’s referring to agenda items in the FCC’s September 26 meeting that look to erode municipal and state control and zoning of public rights of way to fast track commercial, for-profit telecom infrastructure. All the more reason for members of the media-making community to share their voices and show their support of community media.