Boston Free Radio is an independent, member-run radio station reaching out to the world through online streaming on the Internet and is a project of Somerville Media Center (SMC). BFR promotes freedom of speech and accepts programming of all types, in any language. Holding true to our commitment to freedom of speech, we give our radio DJs 100% control over their programs.
Job Title: Radio Production Intern
Supervised by: Boston Free Radio staff
Hours per week: Minimum 10 hrs/wk
Job grade level: Intern, Unpaid. Credit
Job Description Summary: Produce a one-hour radio program once a week, of any
format. Produce short documentary-style radio programs of interest to Boston, on such
topics as immigrant issues, urban youth, and local arts activities for a local music and
issues program. Assist Boston Free Radio members and staff with their radio programs.
This internship is an excellent opportunity to improve radio production skills and develop a
resume of radio projects.
Principal Responsibilities:
  • Work with staff to produce radio shows in the field and in the Boston Free
  • Radio studio / Produce a one-hour radio program once a week
  • Help with Social Media outreach
  • Produce community-oriented, documentaries, promotions, and/or news
  • stories.
  • Record and edit promotional videos and PSA spots for BFR
  • Some editing with Adobe Audition
  • Other duties as assigned
General Job Requirements:
​Well-organized, self-motivated, and good writing skills.
Qualification Requirements:
​Well organized, self-motivated, good writing skills, enjoys working
in a multicultural environment.
Language Skills:
Technical Skills:
​Some proficiency with Adobe Audition (audio production and editing software)
and with portable audio recorders preferred.
To apply, send a resume and letter to:
Heather McCormack, Youth Media Coordinator